Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Fresh Blood Characters Release

Dear All,

I've been working a lot on the new expansion called Fresh Blood, but in the meantime due to other new releases and other activities I cannot finish it. Big publishers has been very diligent since I had written my last post and basically many of my ideas have been released as a new game called Western Legends, so for now it makes no sense to clone a full, new and well-made game.
On the other hand the ready characters are definetely worth a try so I release them in good resolution in case you would like to try them. Have fun!


Wednesday, May 23, 2018

German release

Guten Tag!
Die Erweiterung wurde ins Deutsche übersetzt! Danke für Jochen Cichon.
Viel Spaß!

Empfohlenes Papier: VIA Linen 270g (A4-Format)

The expansion has been translated to German by Jochen Cichon. Have fun!

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Meet the playing cards!


ARSON: counts as your normal one BANG! per turn. It targets all players within the line of fire. It can be used for distance 2 (distance 3 with scope/binoculars).

DIRECT HIT: who wouldn't like an extra BANG in their turns? And if it can be shot to any range? Even better! Direct Hit is a powerful attacker card against anyone in play!

SUPPLY CRATE: have you ever got a crate in Team Fortress 2? It contains all kinds of cool stuff! Only problem that you need to buy keys for them. So please when playing this card, discard an extra card from your hand, and now you can draw 3 cards!

DEAD RINGER: the most powerful Missed! you can play. Your attacker will be very sorry if he has to end his turn and discard his excess cards that he could have played! Of course it does not stop the effect of Gatling or Indians, so every player needs to discard Missed! or BANG! to avoid the shots.

SANDVICH: +1 life points. Even can be played when only 2 players are alive.

MAD MILK: +1 life points. Even can be played when only 2 players are alive.

MANN VS. MACHINE: All other players discard a BANG! card or lose 1 life point. The machines are alive and they are now stronger than ever! United you can defeat them, but some casualties are possible.


HALF-ZATOICHI: each time you hit a player with a BANG! card, you regain life points. In TF2 the Demoman regains all his life points if he kills someone. Following the analogy makes this weapon one of the coolest short-range weapons.

MEDI GUN: are you envious of the Medic because he can heal other players? Here you have the chance to follow him and help your teammates (or enemies) - at a maximum distance of 2.

SANDMAN: Each time you hit a player, instead of losing a life point, he has to discard all cards from his hand. It's a very tricky weapon, sometimes you can ground for a fatal assault but it may happen that you cannot make much use of it. Play it wise!

GUITAR: Replace any player's weapon with a guitar. Until he plays a new weapon in front of him (or doesn't remove it with a Panic!/Cat Balou/etc. he cannot play BANG! cards in his turn. Sometimes you just need to calm some players down...this is the best solution!

TELEPORT: it's like the JAIL, but in reverse. You have to draw at the end of the turn, and if it's Hearts, you play one more turn. If you think it works too rarely, play another version: the TELEPORT remains in play until someone doesn't take it from you.

PERSUASION: Up to twice per turn, you may give someone a card from your hand and take a random card from that player. Are you holding a useless Phantasma for rounds? It's time to get rid of it!

JARATE: Play on any player. Until he is covered with Jarate, he needs 2 Missed! cards to cancel a BANG!. A good tool that helps you to solve your problems. Just play it on your target and let the others finish the dirty job.

Here you can see the suits and numbers of the new cards.

As you can see, the deck also contains some BANG! and Missed! cards in order to keep the game balance. Please find a table below to see how the ratios has changed:

Bang          Bang!+Dodge City          Bang+Dodge City+Team Fortress expansion

Probability of the Dynamite to explode:

Basic game (with or without Dodge City): 12,5%
Basic game + Team Fortress 2: 13%
Basic game + Dodge City + TF2: 12,9%

Monday, November 14, 2016

Meet the characters!

DEMOMAN (4 life points): if he hits somebody with BANG! card, the target loses 2 life points.

One of the most powerful characters of the expansion, his monstrous hit scares other players so the player should have a good diplomacy in order to prevent others to eliminate him for safety reasons.

ENGINEER (4 life points): he may use blue cards as BANG! or Missed!.

He doesn't have to worry about weak weapons or Dynamite - if he wouldn't want to play it. He may just load it in his weapon and shoot. Or even defending himself is not a problem as long as he has some blue cards in hand. It's such an universal skill, very easy to play with.

HEAVY (5 life points): when he attacks a player next to him, the target needs 2 Missed! cards to avoid his shot.

Heavy has a similar skill to Slab The Killer, but his ability is only usable against players nearby. However, it works not only with BANG! cards, but with other cards with Bang! symbol on them.
As heavy is big, he needs to have one more life point.

MEDIC (4 life ponts): when he plays a BANG! card, he can decide if it counts as a normal BANG! or the target gains one life point.

If your partners are in trouble, your gracious help will be a relief. Even as a Deputy or an Outlaw, this feature can vastly influence the outcome.

PYRO (4 life points): Pyro may play BANG! cards as Arson.

Just as the Heavy, Pyro is also a short range-focused character. Arson is a new card in this expansion, which is considered as a normal one BANG! per turn, but it can attack 2 players with one shot: at distance 1, or at distance 1 and 2 (at one direction only)

SCOUT  (3 life points): He may play any brown cards to cancel the effect of brown cards including him as a target.

Weak but agile, faster than a bullet. Hard to hit or even to take any cards from him.

SNIPER (4 life points): With any weapons played in front of him, he views everyone at distance 1.

If you have had problems with Mustangs or Hideouts in the past, forget it! The sniper just needs a gun, he applies his ultimate scope on it, and he is able to shoot anyone needed.

SOLDIER (4 life points): He is not affected by cards that include all players as a target.

For a soldier, defending against Indians or Gatling is a cake-walk. His experience and skills are just enough to use everyone else as his human shield.

SPY (4 life points): During his turn, he may discard a blue card to change place with another player.

Want to play some hide and seek? Remember that you will not just move where you want, but you can influence who will not be able to draw this round, as the player on your left will continue the round!

Friday, November 11, 2016

Hungarian release

Hi all!
I translated this expansion to Hungarian in case anyone was interested. Please find the lossless PDFs below:

Lefordítottam a kiegészítőt magyar nyelvre, ha esetleg valaki így jobban szeretné használni. A PDF-et az alábbi linkről letölthetitek:

Ajánlott papír: VIA Linen 270g A4-es méret, borderless nyomtatás. Érdemes kalibrálást kérni a nyomtatóra az adott papírral a tuti pontos nyomtatásért. Jó játékot! :-)

Tuesday, June 14, 2016


Hi all, finally my expansion is all set!
Please find attached the documents, if you would like to print it yourself. Take care: the attached pngs are not lossless, so I suggest only downloading the PDF files.
When printing, set it to A4 borderless to get a mm-accurate result.
Recommended paper type: VIA Linen 270g

Update: 11/11/2016
Minor color correction for blue cards
Soldier is revised so that he is not affected by any attacking cards targeting all players - a bit more powerful than the former invulnerability against Indians and Gatling.

Update: 20/06/2016
Clarified Spy ability
Corrected typos in disclaimer


- optimalised card template orientation
- font type and size alignment and correction
- card back colour correction

- character card border colour correction
- updated life marker bullets position
- character card pictures colour correction
- updated Soldier character picture
- revised Demoman ability
- updated Scout ability
- updated Spy ability

- brown card border colour correction
- poker numbers added
- updated Arson layout
- updated Dead Ringer layout with Missed! symbol
- updated Sandman
- updated Teleport
- updated Trader

- Health Pack removed
- updated Ubercharge (typo)
- updated event card back
- Trader swapped with Persuasion

Download PDF link

Facebook page

Playing cards:

Event cards, rules and cover:

Sunday, March 22, 2015

My 1st post

I love two games: BANG! and Team Fortress 2.
One day the idea of combining these two crossed my mind, so I decided to make an expansion to my favourite board game.

However I spent much time with it, I'm not a professional, this is just a hobby. It needs lots of testing, and probably needs some modification.
Altought when I created the new characters and playing cards, I didn't take much risk, so it's definitely playable and enjoyable. If you like these two games, you should have a good time with it.

The expansion may work well with the basic BANG! game, though the numbers and suits have been attuned to Dodge City. It also uses terms from The Valley Of Shadows (official) expension, which is a quite new pack, so some may not know it.

TF2 Expansion currently contains 9 characters, 20 playing cards (14 new, 6 ratio balancer), and 14 event cards.
The modding section of has been a great use to me, I almost made everything, followed every steps according to the information I read there.

Unfortunately I don't have the drawing skills to make individual pictures for every new cards, but I tried my best collecting the best pictures available on the net. :) It'll hopefully do.

Why you should wait with the immediate printing of this pack?
Because it's not ready yet.
First of all, it has not been tested enough. Although as I already mentioned, I don't feel extreme amount of danger why this pack would be completely unplayable.

Some other things that need to be fixed:
- The pictures does not contain the numbers and suits, though everything has already its place.
- Every pictures should have a proper color and contrast correction, which is not going to be an easy job with my TN panel monitor. To be fair, there should be unique drawings for each card, if you are in the mood to create pictures at an affordable level, don't hesitate to do them.
- The Italian translation is on the way.

During design I took much care of keeping balance and sanity (not introducing WWS-like characters). When I drew up the rules, I tried to be sure not to keep hole in the system, and be as exact as possible. Unfortunately even official expansions can suffer from the lack of this, but time will decide whether this can work out.
As the name of the PC game shows, TEAM is a key in that area. In case of Bang!, it's not marginal either, but it is not easy to create characters that do not cause the player some trouble when alone, and the game comes close to the end.

I attached a few pictures about the upcoming pack, feel free to share your ideas!

New characters:

I don't think I have to introduce them to the TF2 players. It was not easy to figure out the balance, at first I made stronger characters with less life points, but now I feel them more stable like this. None of them are too strong or weak compared to official characters, generally you can find some official "relatives", like the Scout is to Elena Fuente, or the Heavy is close to Slab The Killer (though Heavy's ability is available when using other attack cards (Punch, Derringer, etc.).
Some characters under different circumstances can struggle and have to approach situations at an unusual way. For example the Medic in the role of the Renegade needs to be very careful, though if he is clever, he can work it out.
It is an interesting task to come close FPS characters and their abilities in a board game, and it brought some new ideas that I haven't seen before. Some words about the characters:

Heavy: As mentioned before, it's similar to Slab The Killer, but only when he is shooting at distance 1. I wanted to express the impressive melee ability of the Heavy from TF2.

Medic: This is a very unual character, and the riskiest part of the expansion regarding game balance. In team the ability of healing can be "deadly".

Pyro: I tried to create a short-range focused character just as in TF2. If he can get a scope, a distance of 3 is not too bad...
[Fanning: a card from the Valley Of Shadows (official) extension. “Counts as your normal one BANG! per turn. Also targets the player of your choice at distance 1 from the first target (if any, excluding you) with a BANG!.”]

Scout: no words needed, thin and agile, faster than a bullet. Close to Elena Fuente, but can use only
brown cards. However he can use them not just as Missed, but as Escape.
[Escape: a card from the Valley Of Shadows (official) extension. “May be played out of turn. Avoid the effects of a brown card (other than BANG!) that includes you as a target”]

Sniper: there are some possibilites to have a balanced character, with 3 life and fix ultimate vision, or the way I did. This encourages the use of blue cards more, what this expansion contains more than the original game's variability would justify.

Soldier: his experience in war and fight is benefetial when it comes to avoid shots from the Gatling. Indians may not even see him because of his camouflage :)

Spy: inspired by the WWS event card called "Lady Rose of Texas", swapping places can make some exciting moments. Let's play some hide and seek!

Demoman: the least creative character. Maybe he can load anything in his old cannon :)

Engineer: a defensive character, just like in TF2. Easy to play.

As some of the characters' names are known, it has not been decided whether they are going to be used. Official game contains generally English names, so I excluded the use of Italian translations even if they fit in the atmosphere better.
English - Italian - Name
Scout - Esploratore - unknown
Soldier - Soldato - Mister Jane Doe
Pyro - Piro - unknown
Demoman - Demolitore - Tavish Finnegan DeGroot
Heavy - Grosso - Misha
Engineer - Ingegnere - Dell Conagher
Medic - Medico - unknown
Sniper - Cecchino - Mr. Mundy
Spy - Spia - unknown

New brown cards:
I just wanted to bring closer the feeling of TF2 without introducing too difficult gameplay. The most interesting is the Dead Ringer which has just a slight similarity with the ingame stuff. This card can be very annoying, and you will surely play it with a big smile.

New blue cards (Italian translation at a very early stage):
Guitar: By far my most favourite card. Do you like being a troll?

Half-Zatoichi: A great melee weapon with a similar ability like in TF2.

Jarate: following the mini-crit effects in TF2 by implementing Slab The Killer's skill in a blue card.

Medigun: Just like the Medic, this is a questinable weapon. I think it's kind of fun, but I understand the doubts as well. It needs many tests.

Teleport: I wanted to save the original game's card ratio, so this is generally a Jail with a new skin. The noob engineer doesn't know where to place the damn teleport!
There could be an option, when player draws spades, he can continue and change place with anybody. Though this would cause too long text.

Trader: Some like trading...why not try it out in Bang! ? Are you an Outlaw? Look, I need 2 Bang! and a Volcanic to kill the Sheriff. And a Cat Balou to release myself from the "load of trading".
This card could exist as a brown card, like Poker in The Valley of Shadows.

Finally, the pack should contain 4 Bang! and 2 Missed! cards to keep the quality of play.
This is how this expansion influences the ratio of different (already existing) types of cards.

The next table contains all the current data about the playing cards. Thanks again for Martin Pulido for sharing these great spreadsheets, it eased my work very much.
All suits from 2 to 4 fills the Dodge City expansion's pack, as it starts from 5 to Ace.
The remaining cards got K and A from all suits.
[The Indians in the data sheet has been updated as a "Mann vs. Machine" card, which has the same effect].

Event cards (aka. Cardwell Farm):

This is at a very experimental level, so take's going to be revised.
The game ender card: Sudden Death - Noone can regain life points.